Site Messaging

The messaging section of the Members' Area allows you to read, reply and
archive the messages you have sent and received.

Click on Received or Sent to see a list of your messages. 

1. To read a message, simply click on the message title. 

2.  To Archive a message, click on the check box  to the side of the message you
want to archive and click on the Archive button.

Sending Messages :
You can send private and public messages to sellers from within the item listings.

1. Click on the tab labeled Questions & Answers.

2. Select whether you want it to be private or public (visible to other users), message title, and enter in the question you would like to ask the seller.

3. Click Send to send the message. You can see all of your Received, Sent, and Archived messages in your  My Account -> Members' Area, under Messages.