Auctioneer's Fees and final value charges

You have 4 choices for what best fits your business budget. We tried to make it pretty simple. NO per bid fee, NO listing fee, Definitely NO final value fee. We don't believe in nickle-and-diming you to death. One plan - one fee, simple.

15 Days prior to your anniversary date, you will be sent a reminder email to the email address we have on record for you that your subscription plan will expire. If the subscription plan is not renewed within 15 days of receiving the email, your account will be suspended. You will be required to renew your subscription by paying the fee before being allowed to list an auction on the site.

For example: If you have a Monthly plan and you do not have any auctions planned for several months you do not pay for those months. Just pay to renew before you start listing your next auction.

Payment is expected to be done through Stripe unless you have contacted us for an alternative payment type.

What You Get Monthly Plus
(30 days)
(30 days)
Annual Plus
(365 days)
(365 days)
Free 30 Day Trial
Unlimited Number of Auctions
Free Photos Per Lot 25 10 25 10
Cost Per Photo Over Free Limit (25 max) NA $0.25 NA $0.25
Video Upload Cost (1 Allowed Per Item) $10.00 $10.00
No Barcodes Needed For Photos
Front Page Featured Add $10.00 $10.00
Buy it Now $1.00 $1.00
Unlimited Number of Devices
Email Blast
No "Cloud" Fee
No Auction End Fees
No Per Bid Fee
Rapid List CSV Upload
Extract Data for Shipping Saint
Custom Banner/Logo

Please contact us with any questions.