Automatic Proxy Bidding

Be assured that if you can not be online at the auction end and you are afraid that you will miss out on an item that there is a possible solution.

Even if you have already placed a bid but are afraid your maximum bid amount will be not be enough to win the item, you can go in an resubmit a new maximum by merely placing another bid with a higher maximum amount.

For example:  Currently the item's bid is at $10.00 and you are the high bidder.
                       Your maximum bid amount that you had previously submitted was $20.00
                        Go back in and submit a bid for an amount higher than $20.00. Let's say you submit $30.00

                        Have no fear your current bid of $10.00 will not be bumped up to the next bid but will stay
                        at  $10.00 until someone bids against you. The software will bid for you until your new
                        maximum bid of $30.00 is exceeded by someone else.